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Filing for Bankruptcy in Ventura, CA


Do you know that California, at the moment, ranks as one of the leading states in the country with the largest number of declared bankruptcies? The biggest problem with the present economy is that every other individual is struggling with some kind of financial debt. And the biggest tragedy is that this debt crisis is not because of uncontrolled spending. It is because of unexpected financial burdens that are unplanned and uncalled for. 

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  • A history of satisfied clients
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At the Law Offices of Grennier Law, we have dedicated our practice to providing the supportive counsel and effective representation our clients need when confronting an overwhelming legal difficulty. Our Ventura bankruptcy lawyer has helped thousands of individuals. Reduced their burden of debt and regained their financial stability.

How Can a Bankruptcy Attorney Help You?

Filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can do the following:

  • Put a halt to credit agency harassment
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Prevent creditor lawsuits

By choosing to enroll in a legal debt relief program, you can escape the devastating impact of financial debt. You can start rebuilding your credit and acquire financial stability in a short span of time. Depending upon your situation, you will have to understand whether declaring bankruptcy is the right approach for you or not. You will also have to determine what kind of bankruptcy will suit you the best and for that, you will need the assistance of an experienced and qualified legal counsel. Attorneys at Grennier Law Ventura and Oxnard can assess your particular situation and determine the most suitable course of action for you so that you can secure your finances in the future easily.

What Debts Does Bankruptcy Clear?

Many people want to know what debts can be eliminated by filing for bankruptcy, whether they’re dealing with:

  • Tax debt
  • Medical bills
  • Or student loans

Types of debt that are dischargeable is dependent on the type of bankruptcy filed, and non-dischargeable debts can be restructured in some circumstances.

Generally, bankruptcy can discharge or restructure numerous types of debt, including:

  • Credit card debt
  • Personal loans and lines of credit
  • Medical bills
  • Mortgage debt, including second mortgages and HELOCs
  • Auto loans
  • Some tax debt

A bankruptcy lawyer in Oxnard and Ventura can help you in several situations. For example, if you have a student loan or child support, this might not be dischargeable in a typical bankruptcy. But then again, each case is going to have its unique conditions and factors affecting it. It is important to consult your bankruptcy lawyer before you move ahead.

Credit Consolidation vs. Bankruptcy


Don’t fall for those promises that you see on the television that guarantee debt relief through consolidation. In real life, credit consolidation may increase your debt obligation and may not be useful in rebuilding your credit at all. There is no law that mandates any of your creditors to accept consolidation. Even if any of your debt is forgiven, the amount that you would have vowed to them would be considered an income instead and would become subject to taxes. Bankruptcy is governed by federal and state laws. Once you are declared bankrupt, your creditors will have to adhere to the terms laid down by the court.

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At the Law Offices of Grennier Law PC, we recognize excessive debt can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life and cause you to be apprehensive about your future. If you are wondering whether to declare your business in Ventura, Oxnard bankrupt or not, visit our FAQ page right here. We have a team of highly skilled and professional bankruptcy lawyers from across Ventura always willing to help you out. This is your opportunity to start afresh. Do not miss it.

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