Ventura DUI Attorney  

DUI stands for driving under influence and drunk driving is not a good idea at all. However, if you do find yourself in a difficult position such as this, your Ventura DUI defense lawyer at Grennier Law should be able to get you out of this. There are a few processes and penalties that you must be aware of before you hire any kind of legal help.

What Happens In A Ventura DUI Arrest?  

Most of the arrests that happen in these cases are conducted by the CHP. This is your sheriff’s department of the Ventura Police. There are other law enforcement agencies as well that are responsible for these arrests. You will be asked to blow twice into a breathalyzer which will be handheld by a law enforcement officer. There are a few sobriety tests as well that can be performed in the field that you may have to undergo. If you are under the influence of any alcohol or similar substances, you will be taken to the local police station or the Ventura County jail, or the pretrial detention facility. As the defendant, you will be handed over two papers. One is a citation that tells you to appear in court at a future date. The other is a temporary license that is pink in color which usually expires in 30 days.

What Is The Penalty For DUI In Ventura County? 

Let’s talk about the penalties associated with driving under influence in Ventura County. There is a minimum of 48 hours that you will have to spend in any Ventura County jail or at least 5 days of work release if the judge imposes jail on you. If you have been given a DUI sentencing date, you must surrender within a month. If you live outside the county, you are allowed to serve in jail in your hometown. 

  • There is also a 3-month jail term in Ventura County DUI school.
  • Another penalty is 3-year probation which is at the Ventura County probation department.
  • All the defendants are required to enroll within 5 days of the date when their DUI sentencing is announced. 
  • Next are a few fines and penalties that may amount to around $3,000. 
  • There is also a 6-month driver’s license suspension that you may have to bear. You should be able to drive around without restrictions provided you install an ignition interlock device.

Exclusively DUI And DMV Defense  

With us, you get exclusive DUI and DMV defense assistance. This is because we specialize in this area. Whether it is about administrative Per Se hearings or re-examination or financial responsibility hearings, we are there with you. We have represented clients from possibly all walks of life and belonging to every social-economic stratum. We at Grennier Law have got you covered.

Can The Charge Get Reduced Or Dismissed?  

You will not be able to plea bargain in any of the Ventura County district courts. These offenses cannot be bargained down to offenses of a lesser degree. Therefore, it is not possible to get your charges reduced but if you have the right Ventura DUI Defense Attorneys with you, they will help you scrutinize each and every aspect of your case and can get you out of this situation without much of a hassle. The biggest problem is finding the evidence that can help your case significantly and get you in the good books of the judge faster. What you need is a fabulous negotiator that can take your case to a jury trial and then get a non-guilty verdict for you.

Can I Still Be In Trouble If My BAC Is Below The Legal Limit?

This is a possibility because it is never advised to drive under the influence of any drugs or alcohol or under the combination of any substances at all. You should also know that if you are taking any prescription drugs, this can result in a DUI arrest too. Any kind of drug that can impair your faculties and may result in tainted judgment is a strict no. This is why having a dependable DUI Attorney in Ventura is essential to your case.

What About My Driver’s License?

A DUI arrest is a dual-faceted legal proceeding. The first facet is a criminal case that is filed against you in court. The second is the administrative per se hearing at the DMV. They both are distinct legal proceedings and there are chances that the criminal case might get reduced or dismissed at a later stage. This does not mean that you will not have to battle the DMV to get your license reinstated. And this goes vice versa. 

If you own a valid driver’s license, the officer is going to seize it temporarily. You will be issued a temporary license which is valid for 30 days. Your attorney is going to help you obtain a stay on the eventual automatic suspension of your license that will come into effect on the 31st day after your arrest.

Why Should I See An Attorney About My DUI Case?

The biggest reason to see a Ventura criminal defense lawyer or a DUI defense lawyer is that he is going to work in your best interest. Do you know that if you are driving under any kind of influence, you may also be charged with a felony or misdemeanor? This is not going to look good on your record. There are several mandatory legal penalties that you will have to bear. Unless you are able to win at your DMV hearing, your license will get automatically suspended by the department of motor vehicles. This is where a dependable and experienced Ventura DUI defense attorney comes to your rescue.

What Else Will Happen To Me After My DUI Case?

As for the DUI rules and regulations, various penalties have been laid down by Ventura County. In addition to that, your insurance company may choose to discontinue its coverage if you are not able to win your case on time. There are other repercussions as well such as loss of reputation, loss of income, financial burden, emotional stress, and the like that you may have to deal with. It is time you got in touch with a highly experienced and empathetic Ventura Criminal Defense Lawyer with Grennier Law for your DUI case. 

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