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Grennier Law, PC has been helping car accident victims in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties for over 20 years. Our  experience transcends the plaintiff’s side of the courtroom. The team at Grennier Law, PC has won millions of dollars in Car Accident Lawsuits throughout their lengthy careers as a Personal Injury Law Firm. The Law Offices of Grennier Law, PC has two offices conveniently located in Ventura and Oxnard, California.

How Grennier Law, PC Helps Car Accident Victims
Recover Financially & Physically

Car Accident Financial Recovery

Receiving the proper compensation from your car accident is extremely important. Most insurance adjusters will ask you tricky questions that in most cases are designed to prevent you from fully recovering your losses from a car accident. That’s why it is extremely important to contact Grennier Law, PC before you talk to anyone.

Car Accident Recovery

Physically recovering from a car accident can be extremely costly and oftentimes insurance coverage does not cover the financial losses that you will endure over time from a bad car accident. Many victims of severe car accidents are unable to have a timely recovery and are unable to work to pay their medical bills, which can result in not getting the right medical attention that you require in order to gain a full recovery. At Grennier Law, PC we will make sure that you will get the appropriate compensation from your car accident.

Recovery From Pain & Suffering

Devastating car accidents oftentimes result in serious spinal and neck injuries that require a lot of medical attention and even years of physical rehabilitation. All too often we find that many insurance policies simply don’t cover the astronomical costs of a catastrophic car accident. The expertise of the team at Grennier Law, PC is proven in the arena of dealing with Insurance Companies and getting you the compensation needed to help you make a full recovery from your life changing injuries.

Call Grennier Law, PC
Before Speaking With Anyone Else

Time is of the essence when you are involved in a serious car accident and contacting a personal injury lawyer before anyone else is a crucial deciding factor after you have been involved in a bad accident. Here are three great reasons why contacting a personal injury lawyer is crucial following a serious car accident.

  1. You have a clearer memory of what happened and you are able to have a more accurate recollection of the events that occurred leading to your accident

  2. The Insurance Adjuster’s questions are designed to make it seem that you are at fault or had made an error that can disqualify you from getting any compensation for your injuries.

  3. We can begin legal action and get you a full recovery much faster.

How To Make An Appointment With Grennier Law, PC

 If You Can’t Make It To Our Office

We will come to you at your home or even the hospital. All you have to do is give us a call 24/7 365 days a year!

If You Have Just Been In An Accident?

We will meet you at the scene of the accident. Time is of the essence so call us right away!

Can’t Make It Because Of Your Schedule?

No problem, just make an appointment with us after hours or on the weekend and we will be waiting for you.

In Conclusion

The Team at Grennier Law, PC is here to help you recover your financial, physical, and psychological  losses with monetary compensation. Give us a call! We are here to help!