Oxnard DUI Attorney

How hard could it be? Really, how difficult is it to find a dependable and highly reputable DUI lawyer in Oxnard? If you have been arrested for this kind of an offense, you will find out soon. Chances are that you are incredibly nervous at the moment. You are not able to gauge the situation correctly.

Your hands are sweating and your head seems to be spinning. The only person who can get you out of this problematic situation is an experienced lawyer who has handled “driving under influence” cases in the past. You need a professional who has handled criminal defense cases as well because these offenses tend to borderline on “felony”. You must do a free consultation with a reliable attorney at Grennier Law right away.

A Few Characteristics To Look For In Your DUI Attorney In Oxnard

  • Talk About Their Work Experience

It is essential to talk about their work experience. They should be well aware of criminal law in Oxnard and should be able to represent you in the most positive light.

  • Reputation With Jurors And Judges

Your DUI lawyer should also have a good reputation with the judges and the members of the jury. This is the only way he will be able to convince them that you are a responsible citizen with just this one little glitch on your record.

  • Number Of Court Appearances Made In The Past

The number of court appearances also matters because this proves just how capable they are of taking your matter to court and solving it in the most timely manner.

  • Fee Structure Of The Service

The free structure should be a flat one. This way you know what the entire representation is going to cost you.

  • Availability Throughout The Week

Let’s face it, a lawyer who is not available to you throughout the week is not your ally. The best lawyer for you is the one who is reachable and empathetic towards you.

Understanding Felony Cases In Oxnard

As pointed out earlier, driving under influence cases can border line on felony cases. Felony DUIs are also a totally different discipline altogether. This is because you are at risk of being sent to state prison. This could be the case if this is not your first offense. If the circumstances are right and if you are able to reduce this felony to a misdemeanor with your good conduct and behavior, chances are that you will be able to come out of it a little sooner. 

The biggest factor to consider here is the injury to the other party. Your DUI will be considered a serious felony if the other party has sustained major and life-altering injuries. On the other hand, minor injuries may help your case because in such a situation it may be reduced to a misdemeanor by the judge after a request or motion on the part of your lawyer.

Being Proactive With Your DUI Case

Is it necessary for you to be with your criminal defense lawyer in Oxnard while he represents you in court? It is not because you are probably facing potential jail time. There might also be a license suspension or a revocation from the DMV. This is enough stress for you as it is. Once you are arrested, your timeline has already been put into action. It is advised to request a DMV hearing before the 10-day window closes after your arrest. After that, you will lose the right to contest the suspension of your driving license. 

By contacting the right and trustworthy lawyer in your city you can ensure that the request for the hearing has already been made. This is going to prevent your license from getting suspended. And no, you don’t have to be present in court with your lawyer if there is a misdemeanor DUI. Your lawyer at Grennier Law is going to take care of all the police reports and legal formalities and continue reporting to the court on your behalf. The proper course of action from here on out will be taken by both you and your lawyer together.

Various Types Of DUI Scenarios Your Defense Attorney Can Handle

Do you know that your DUI lawyer at Grennier law can handle some of the most complicated driving under influence scenarios? Here is a look at them right away:

  • First Time Driving Under Influence

First-time offenders get a very strong case from our lawyers.

  • Repeat Driving Under Influence

Repeat offenders will be protected from any hard consequences whatsoever.

  • Aggravated Driving

If you were a part of aggravated driving, any severe charges against you will be diminished.

  • Underage Driving

Any underage drivers will never have their future compromised by any DUI charge.

  • CDL Truck Drivers

We know that commercial drivers are under a lot of stress. We make sure to get you out of this legal trouble almost immediately.

  • Influence Of Drugs

We know that driving under the influence of drugs is very similar to drunk driving. At Grennier Law, we know how to get you out of it.

  • Implied Consent Violation

If you did refuse a breath test, there is no need to panic. We will make sure to get you out of the situation.

  • Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is very common. Take our word that you will get out of this case unscathed.

Free Consultation With Grennier Law Awaits You

Say yes to a free consultation right now with Grennier Law. We understand that you are in a very complicated situation and we know how to get you out of it. Get your questions ready and we will come up with all the answers you need to hear. We will create a strategy to solve your case right away. Give us a call or click here for a free quote right away.

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