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If your case has a defense common to If your case has a defense common to DUIs, like the rising blood-alcohol defense, faulty calibration on breath-testing equipment, or a no-driving defense, you may be entitled to reduced charges, such as a “wet reckless”, or an outright dismissal.

Domestic Violence

A domestic violence arrest can have serious implications, like protective orders requiring you to stay away from loved ones as well as lengthy domestic violence classes. Find out if the facts of your case demand a better outcome for you.

Sexual Offenses

An arrest for any criminal offense is problematic; however, an arrest for sexual assault against another adult, or worse yet a child, can come with grave consequences. False or exaggerated charges of sexual assault can send an innocent person to prison for lengthy periods of time. In addition, a conviction for a sex crime in California can impact child custody, employment opportunities, housing options, federal assistance, and may even require registry as a sex offender. Other less tangible consequences come from the community at large in the form of a hostile environment for the alleged offender. In such highly- charged cases, objectivity can easily go out the door. A jury may unfortunately be swayed by emotion rather than reason. You need an experienced attorney at your side to present the evidence that proves your innocence.


Theft is divided into two degrees: grand theft or petty theft. With a few minor exceptions, when the value of property taken is less than $950, a theft is a petty theft, which is a misdemeanor. Grand thefts, however, can be prosecuted as misdemeanors or felonies. 

Drug Possession

Many first-time drug offenders are entitled to a deferred entry of judgment (DEJ), whereby prior to plea, a defendant must abide by certain conditions to have his case dismissed. These charges often coincide with drug paraphernalia charges.

Suspended License

Many people are shocked to find out that along with monetary fines, suspended license charges can also carry with them jail sentences as well. A conditional plea is often appropriate in these cases, wherein obtaining a license results in a reduction of charges.


We service Petition’s for Dismissal/Expungements in all counties throughout the State of California, from misdemeanors to felonies. No conviction is too tough for us to get dismissed. If you (1) were placed on probation for the offense (even if you served State Prison time in County Jail), (2) completed all the terms of your probation including paying all costs, fees and restitution if applicable, and (3) you do not currently have an open pending case, then YOU QUALIFY to get your case conviction dismissed and truly get a fresh start.


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